Hermes Life

Hermes was the son the god Zeus and the mountain nymph Maia. Zeus hid Maia and Hermes in a cave so his jealous wife Hera would never find them, and harm them. On his day of birth Hermes wandered out of the cave. On his trip he found an empty turtle shell, attached string to it and made the first lyre. When his mother found out  he had left the cave, Hermes calmed her down by playing music on the lyre.

On the same day, Hermes went out to a pasture and stole a whole herd of cows, but the cows belonged to Apollo the god of light and music. Apollo had to make a deal with the baby with the baby to get his cows back. Apollo was very upset  that the child stole his cows, so to sooth his anger Hermes played the lyre for Apollo. When Apollo heard the lyre's music he could not resist its wonderful sound and being the god of music Hermes knew he would want it. So Hermes manged to escape the situation unharmed.

Later in life Hermes became a god adored by all humans, good or bad. Hermes was named the god of shepherds, arithmetic, mathematics, roads and thieves. Hermes was cunning, smart and clever and was skilled enough to fly into the underworld and come back safe. Hermes was kind to human but had a terrible dark side. Hermes enjoyed playing tricks on the gods and stealing objects just for fun, but despite being a thief he was very creative, in fact he created many objects used by man.

Being quick and clever Hermes was given the job of being the god's messenger and guiding the dead souls of people to the underworld. He was also given more serious tasks to complete. One day Hera saw Zeus with a small white cow. As it turns out the cow was a nymph named IO. Hera took IO as her prisoner and had her servant  Argus to watch her.Argus had one hundred eyes all over his body. When Argus slept he would only close fifty of his eyes, so no one would ever be able to sneak up on him. Zeus did not like to see IO tied to a tree so he asked Hermes to help IO. Hermes transformed into a shepherd and approached Argus. Argus was lonely and board, so he appreciated the company. Soon Hermes was telling Argus a long boring story that made Argus close fifty of his eyes, than Hermes played his pipe to close the rest of his eyes. Quickly Hermes touched the eyes with his wand so they would never open, Argus had bean bored to death. Ever since Zeus has called Hermes the helpful God

 At a young age Hermes had fallen in love with a nymph. The nymph was the mother of Pan the god of nature. Pan's mother was terrified of him because he had the legs and horns of a goat and was covered in shaggy fur. Hermes still loved his son and was delighted by his odd looks. Hermes brought Pan to the other gods of Olympus, and they loved his appearance and thought he was funny. Pan was sent back down to Earth as the protector of nature, hinters, shepherds, sheep and goats.
Photo used under Creative Commons from takomabibelot