Greek God Hermes


                      About Greek God Hermes

Hermes was the messenger of the god,+ of Shepherds, heralds, mathematics, arithmetic and thieves. 
His Roman name is Mercury 
He was the son of Zeus and the mountain nymph Maia.
He guided the spirits of dead bodies to the underworld.
As a child Hermes was clever and smart, on the day he was born he found an empty turtle shell and invented the lyre. When he was a toddler he stole Apollo's sun cows.
Hermes sent messages to Persephone in the underworld
His weakness was thievery
  • He is the God of ....
  • the  messenger
  • the helpful god
  • the aid of the dead
  • roads
  • travel
  • thieves
  • mathematics
  • arithmetic
Photo used under Creative Commons from takomabibelot